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Trioliet TMR Mixers

Trioliet is unique as a complete provider of premium feeding technology for dairy farms and offers a highly comprehensive and specialist range of livestock feeding machines, such as silage cutters, TMR mixers, self-loading or self-propelled feed mixers and complete automatic feeding systems. Our machines are geared toward helping the livestock farmer manage his farm efficiently. Designing new solutions and developing existing technologies are our highest priorities.

About Trioliet

Trioliet Solomix P TMR Mixer with Straw Bedder

Trioliet Solomix 2 1800 TMR Mixer

The Solomix P2 is a TMR Mixer with straw blower unit. This feed mixer allows you not only to feed your cattle a balanced ration, but also to spread their stall with straw, to provide them with the comfort they require. Its compact dimensions make the Solomix P easy to manoeuvre and use in stalls with narrow feeding alleys and a low height clearance. This advantage becomes even more apparent when a smaller tractor is used. The Solomix P2 can furthermore be equipped with an optional dust control system. By wetting the straw, this system ensures that fewer dust particles and microorganisms are floating around, which is not only more comfortable, but also more hygienic.

New design TMR Mixer with two vertical augers and a conveyor belt at the front. The machine has a deep mixing tub where the wheels are placed next to the mixing vessel. This makes the machine relatively low and suitable for low stables. This design has an optimized mixing technology.The mixing tub is redesigned so that the feed is mixed according to the “Dual Flow” principle; both in horizontal and vertical direction.

Trioliet Self-Propelled TMR Mixer

The Triotrac self-propelled feed mixer is extremely well suited to larger dairy or cattle farms who are looking for a high-precision, efficient method of feeding. In addition to its many configurable options, the major benefits  offered by the Triotrac include: feed structure stays intact during loading, low power requirement by cuttingloading  system, very high loading capacity, particularly when loading (tough) silage and round bales, high loading  accuracy, perfect view on the cutting process, very easy to use and easy to service. The machine is available with a capacity of 17, 20 and 24 m³.

Shifttronic 3-Speed TMR Mixer

The Shifttronic always starts in first (low)gear, which requires just one third of the torque as direct drive. By programming when the Shifttronic changes auger speeds, you ensure that you are always mixing and dispensing at the optimum auger speed for the tractor. When discharging, the auger speed is increased as the load is reduced to ensure the mixer discharges evenly, quickly and fully. The Trioliet Shifttronic is a proven investment. Durability in operation, a time saving of 10% and a saving of more than 30% on fuel, are not uncommon.

Trioliet TMR Mixer

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