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Kuhn FC Mower Conditioners

KUHN FC Mower Conditioners

Superior Productivity

When productivity matters most, the Kuhn FC TC 60 Series center-pivot mower conditioners are the choice for you. These machines provide fast mowing and fast, consistent dry down for maximum efficiency and a high-quality crop. Working widths range from 10’2” to 14’4″.

KUHN FC 60 TC Series mower conditioners offer fast, clean mowing of heavy grasses and delicate forage crops alike, combined with quick drydown from effective conditioning. With the broadest range of swath width settings (2’11” to 11’9”) in the industry, and finger, rubber roller and steel roller conditioning options, KUHN FC mower conditioners offer unmatched adaptability to different harvest practices and field conditions.

The rugged Kuhn Gyrodine® swivel hitch makes sharp turns and square corners simple.  The lubed-for-life Kuhn Optidisc® cutterbar with Fast-Fit® blades provides unmatched simplicity and fast maintenance. Outstanding suspension provides fast, precise flotation to adapt to various crop and field conditions. These advanced features, combined with simple adjustments and low maintenance, make KUHN mower conditioners the premier machines on the market.

Kuhn FC4060TCD Mower Conditioner
Kuhn FC4060TCD Mower Conditioner

The Kuhn Optidisc® Cutterbar: A Clean and Consistent Cut

Kuhn Lubed-For-Life Optidisc® Cutterbar

The Optidisc® cutterbar provides a flat, streamlined profile so that soil and crop residue do not accumulate and material flows smoothly, even in heavy, difficult crop conditions. Optidisc cutterbars are designed and tested with a zero oil change interval. The highly-polished gears and synthetic gear oil ensure that this system does not require any regular internal maintenance, eliminating the need for cutterbar oil changes throughout the life of the machine.
Kuhn FC Mower Conditioner cutter bar

Kuhn Optidisc Cutterbar

Differential Disc Spacing

The innovative design of the Kuhn Optidisc cutterbar offers exclusive differential disc spacing.

  1. Less Distance for a Clean Cut – Narrower spacing at diverging discs provides greater knife overlap, which results in a clean cut, even when the grass is short or light.
  2. More Distance for Easy Crop Passage – Wider spacing (2) at converging discs provides more space for the crop to pass. Cut crop is quickly carried away from the cutting area, greatly improving the cut quality.
Kuhn FC mower conditioner OptiDiscs

Kuhn High-Lift Discs and Fast-Fit® Kit

The cutting discs and end cones provide high crop lift, allowing cut materials to quickly leave the cutterbar and enter the conditioner, especially in thick crop conditions.

The Fast-Fit® quick-release knife system allows an operator to rapidly change out cutting knives with the use of a simple tool, yet still retain optimum cut quality and knife life. With Fast-Fit, an operator can achieve up to 50% time savings over a standard system.

Kuhn Fast-Fit Knife on Cutterbar

Kuhn Protectadrive® Disc Bearing Stations

  • Protectadrive® Safety – Every minute saved during the hay season is precious. Ultimate protection, from the externally removable Protectadrive disc bearing stations, provides maximum reliability and quick service. In the event of an impact between a disc and an obstacle, the shaft holding the disc can shear just above the bearing. This is thanks to its carefully dimensioned shear groove. As a result, the gear teeth are protected.
  • Extra Rigidity Where it Counts – Disc bearing stations are attached by bolts that pass through the entire cutterbar. This is an exceptionally strong and secure attachment with no risk of mount being torn out of the cutterbar in case of shocks. The disc drive pinion is held precisely in place, all resulting in excellent reliability and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Gear-to-Gear Power Transmission – Gear-to-gear power transmission, a staple of all KUHN disc mowers, allows for maximum power to be transferred through all gears in the cutterbar. Unlike other gear cutterbars, equal sized gears throughout reduces torque on the gear teeth and leads to unsurpassed reliability and longevity.
Kuhn FC Mower Conditioner Protectadrive Gear To Gear Combined

Maintenance-Free Drive Shaft

Unlike competitive models that require daily greasing, the drive shaft to the cutterbar uses maintenance-free U-joints. These joints reduce overall maintenance and eliminate excessive wear from improper maintenance.
Kuhn FC Mower Conditioner DriveShaft

Superior Suspension and Precise Adjustments for a Wide Variety of Field Conditions

Kuhn Torsion Bar Suspension System

The torsion bar suspension system provides exceptional flotation to precisely follow ground contours. The torsional resistance can be easily fine-tuned to match the header ground pressure to different field conditions and operating speeds. A built-in slotted linkage eliminates the need to run the hydraulics in the float position.
Kuhn FC3160TCD Mower Conditioner Suspension

Adjustable Forming Shields

The adjustable forming shields allow the windrow width to be varied to match different harvest practices and weather conditions. Preset indications allow you to precisely match the setting on both sides. When not in use the shields are easily removed and placed in the storage position on the tongue.
Kuhn FC Mower Conditioner Shield Adjustment

Rear Hood Adjustment

The rear hood includes the windrow formation side and a side with spreading fins for use in wide spreading. The hood can be angled up and down in the windrow position to form neater windrows. It can be easily flipped to the opposite side on wide spreading models. Both sides have tilt adjustability to either stand crop up for windier conditions or lay crop flat for sunnier conditions.
Kuhn FC Mower Conditioner Rear Hood Adjustment

Narrow to Wide Spreading Crop

The wider the crop is spread, the more surface area there is exposed to the sun for faster drying. The Kuhn FC mower conditioner allows wide spreading up to 90% of cut width for accelerated dry down. The nine vanes on the rear hood automatically pivot to keep crop from being thrown into uncut areas. Standard on finger conditioner models and optional on roller models.
Kuhn FC4060TCD Mower Conditioner wide swath

Kuhn Gyrodine® Swivel Hitch

The heavy-duty Gyrodine® gearbox is designed to withstand the most severe pull-through force from the hitch to the machine. The swivel design allows turns in excess of 90° while keeping the PTO driveline straight. This design allows extremely tight turns for clean, square corners while minimizing PTO vibration and wear.
Kuhn FC Mower Conditioner Gyrodine Hitch

Kuhn DigiDry® Finger Conditioner

The Kuhn DigiDry® finger conditioner provides consistent drying of grass and legume crops in various conditions with little maintenance. Wide rotor, finger style conditioning increase crop-on-crop rubbing to strip off the waxy cuticle helping the steams dry at the same rate as the leaves. The built-in break-back feature normally protects against damage from rock and other foreign materials.
Kuhn FC Mower Conditioner Fingers

Kuhn Diamond Block® Conditioning

Kuhn Diamond Block® conditioning rollers stand out from the competition as the only rubber roller set designed exclusively for a disc mower. The horizontal staggered diamond pattern gives more points for the crop to be crimped as it flows off the disc at an angle. Adjustment of the roll pressure and roll gap is simple and can be done quickly in the field.
Kuhn FC Mower Conditioner Diamond Conditioner

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